• Work to properly maintain Florida’s heavily trafficked roads and bridges and expand paving of dirt roads in rural areas
  • Invest in emerging research and manufacturing of solar technology to reduce energy costs
  • Work to bring labor unions and their proven benefits back to Floridian service and government workers


  • Redirect Land Acquisition Trust Funds to conserve more land and water
  • Ban fracking and resist federal institution of offshore oil drilling
  • Recognize the reality of human-driven climate change in refutation of the Scott administration
  • Work to restore fisheries in the gulf to revitalize the ecology and economy of Florida’s Gulf Coast

Home Rule

  • Return home rule to Florida by repealing state-level preemption laws which prohibit local municipalities from: adjusting their minimum wages to account for locally high costs of living and making environmental protection decisions

Common Sense Gun Reform

  • Believes in expanding background checks, strengthening the background check database, and expanding the background check database to look out for people with a history of domestic violence
  • Supports  a ban on the sale of semi automatic firearms
  • Supports ERPO laws
  • Believes in protecting the gun rights of law-abiding Americans. Respects the second amendment and the right for people to own guns responsibly
  • Received the Moms Demand Action “Gun Sense Candidate” distinction


  • Retain a Florida-educated workforce by providing a free degree to students who will live and work in Florida
  • Expand Voluntary Preschool Education/Early Childhood Education hours to prepare children for K12 while allowing parents sufficient time to work a job
  • Restructure Florida School Recognition Program to increase funding to improve schools and extend a helping hand to struggling schools suffering from less extensive property tax bases
  • Increase funding for educator support tools to ensure that educators do not need to purchase supplies out of pocket


  • Bring Medicaid Expansion to Florida
  • Expand access to mental healthcare
  • Require state-funded crisis pregnancy centers to hire accredited medical staff
  • Create a state trust to fund immediate emergency care and long-term care for survivors of sexual assault

Net Neutrality

  • Work to overturn the FCC’s repeal of net neutrality, and protect internet consumers access to opportunity through a free and open internet, regardless of their service provider
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