• Increase business potential and grow local economies by expanding access to market opportunities through smart investments in green infrastructure and proper maintenance of Florida’s heavily trafficked roads, bridges, and railways
  • Ensure the right to a living wage by empowering local jurisdictions to make policies reflecting their costs of living
  • Invest in emerging research and manufacture of solar technology to reduce energy costs and fossil fuel emissions
  • Defend labor unions and bring their proven benefits back to Floridian service and government workers by repealing decades of anti-union legislation
  • Protect internet consumers’ access to opportunity through a free and open internet, regardless of service provider, by instituting net neutrality statewide in Florida


  • Recognize that as a coastal and low-lying state, Florida is ground-zero for climate change and tackle it before it’s too late
  • Redirect Land Acquisition Trust Funds to conserve more land and water, including springs critical to North Central Florida’s tourism economy
  • Ban fracking statewide and resist the federal institution of offshore oil drilling as a first step toward a post-fossil fuel energy system
  • Restore fisheries in the Gulf to revitalize the ecology and economy of Florida’s Gulf Coast, in part by combatting the chronic red tide epidemic
  • Invest in renewable energy as a sustainable alternative to fossil fuels, thus addressing the threats of climate change and rising sea levels, while simultaneously creating jobs and diversifying Florida’s economic portfolio
  • Repeal preemption laws which prevent local jurisdictions from limiting access to wasteful single use plastic bags and polystyrene products and from keeping biomedical waste out of county dumps

Common Sense Gun Reform

  • Reaffirm the rights of law-abiding Americans with respect to the Second Amendment and recognize, acknowledge, and legislate the right of all to live peacefully and without fear
  • Enact a full ban on the transfer of assault weapons, as defined in the bipartisan 1994 nationwide ban
  • Implement a bullet tax to invest in communities disproportionately affected by gun violence
  • Create a domestic violence registry to protect victims of domestic violence from their abusers
  • Require universal background checks to close the gun show loophole
  • Repeal preemption laws barring local communities from enacting stronger gun reform because each local jurisdiction should have the freedom to decide its own gun laws beyond a statewide baseline

LGBTQ+ Rights

  • Ensure freedom from discrimination by adopting the Florida Competitive Workforce Act
  • Erect the basic foundation of an accepting society by banning conversion therapy statewide
  • Expand the definition of hate crimes to include crimes evidencing prejudice based on gender or gender identity to ensure transgender and gender non-conforming people the full protection of law


  • Provide teachers with the nationally competitive wages and much needed funding that they have been deprived of by twenty years of single party rule, allowing teachers to focus on shaping the future of Florida
  • Integrate vocational programs into existing public schools to increase opportunities for future generations and to invest in the development of community workforces
  • End counterproductive high-stakes standardized testing and replace it with standards that produce equitable access to quality education
  • Retain a Florida-educated workforce by providing a free degree to students who will live and work in Florida
  • Expand Voluntary Preschool Education/Early Childhood Education hours to prepare children for K-12 and affording parents sufficient time to build a career
  • Restructure the Florida School Recognition Program and increase funding to extend a helping hand to struggling schools suffering from less extensive property tax bases


  • Immediately expand Medicaid to close the coverage gap for up to 900,000 residents of the Sunshine State
  • Legislatively recognize and prioritize mental healthcare and accordingly reverse Florida’s shameful record as the worst state in the nation in per-capita spending on mental healthcare
  • Begin a lifetime of appropriate attention to mental health awareness by incorporating a holistic and preventative mental health awareness program in classrooms, creating both day-to-day and systemic change
  • Provide funding for a preventative sexual assault reporting platform at every college campus
  • Create a state trust to fund immediate emergency care and long-term care for survivors of sexual assault


Women’s Issues

  • Ratify the Equal Rights Amendment in the state of Florida to enshrine protection from discrimination in our Constitution
  • Unequivocally and unapologetically protect the right to choose
  • Require state-funded crisis pregnancy centers to hire accredited medical staff, ensuring that women no longer receive illegitimate, unreliable information from these centers

Legalization and Reformation

  • Expand the number of medical conditions that can be treated with medical cannabis and allow medical professionals to utilize the entire cannabis plant
  • Legalize, regulate, and legitimize the responsible adult use of cannabis for those over the age of 21
  • Expunge and exonerate the records of those convicted of cannabis possession
  • Provide increased funding to our education system through the taxation of the cannabis industry
  • Establish a governing body to regulate the production, distribution, and sale of cannabis
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