Amol Jethwani, is an Indian-American, Florida native, born and raised in Ocala, FL, and currently is a third year political science major at the University of Florida. The son of immigrants, was drawn to politics at an early age, and has become a champion for the environment and equality for all. He has been a fierce campus activist, and a community organizer with a record of working to mobilize the youth vote.

Amol is a progressive Democrat who believes it is time for a new generation of leaders to emerge. One of Amol’s missions is to take the rust off politics through reaching across the aisle while not abandoning his progressive values. He believes we need to work together to move Florida forward. As a member of the Florida State House, he will work to bring equality, healthcare, economic justice & prosperity for all. A student himself, he will be a champion for all students, prioritizing education in the State of Florida not only to the benefit of students, but as an investment in the future of Florida’s economy. As a member of the LGBTQ community Amol believes in access to equality. He will also work tirelessly to protect the environment and Florida’s natural resources to ensure that generations to come will have clean air and water.

At UF, Amol has emerged as a dynamic leader who has quickly made his mark as an integral part of the College Democrats. Amol has served as Environmental Caucus Chair, Campaign Chair, and Political Director of the UF College Democrats, and at the State level as Deputy Political Director for the Florida College Democrats. He is passionate about the power of community and has led two successful movements on campus, #NotOnMyCampus to prevent classes from happening the day white supremacist, Richard Spencer, was scheduled to speak at the University of Florida and #NotMySystem, a student led movement to expose systematic voter suppression on campus within student government. Amol also served as one of the Executive Board Members and Chair for the Political Affairs Committee for the Gator Jacobins. Jethwani served on the board of directors for the Silver Springs Alliance where he oversaw the budget dedicated to community education and awareness projects about issues and predicaments facing the Silver Springs and the Florida aquifer.

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