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I will fight for accessible health care for all Floridians

Access to health care should be a basic human right in the 21st century. In Florida, we rank 51st out of 52 jurisdictions for total state mental health spending. Our legislature has the power to change this. We can do better.

The intersection of identity, advocacy and politics: Amol Jethwani

By Jasmine Chi Originally published on Feb 18, 2018 in Sparks Magazine. For Shreyas Amol Jethwani, the act of waiting for “a candidate who would go far enough, do enough or propose enough” did not suffice. This cycle of waiting prompted Jethwani, a 21-year-old, openly...

Amol on Education

Access to quality education should provide access to a quality standard of life. Let's expand access to education early on, allow students the opportunity to explore vocational programs alongside university degree programs, and take steps in the legislature to make...

A living wage is a human right

The fact that we have to fight for a living wage in the 21st century is shameful. We can, and should, be doing more to bring equity to all Floridians.

Growing up with resolve

My parents moved to this country and sacrificed to do better for our family. This has given me a resolve to do better for my community.

My Background

I'm Amol Jethwani, Democrat for Florida House District 21. In this video, I share some of my background and how I developed a passion for community leadership, local politics, and local issues. #AmolforFL21

A Day with Former Governor Bob Graham

One of my favorite memories is spending a day with Former Governor of Florida Bob Graham as a board member of the Silver Springs Alliance, a nonprofit group dedicated to informing voters on issues that affect the springs....

Amol on the Environment

Amol Jethwani Democrat for Florida House District 21 shares his views on the future of the Environment in Florida. #AmolForFL21 #ThereisnoPlanetB

My Campaign Values

Amol Jethwani Democrat for Florida House District 21 shares the Values that power his campaign. #Passion #Courage #Empathy #AmolforFL21

Why I’m Running

Amol Jethwani Democrat for Florida House District 21 shares why he decided to run for the Florida House. #TheTimeisNow #AmolforFL21

March for Our Lives Speech

Candidate Amol Jethwani speaking at the March For Our Lives Gainesville event at Bo Diddley Plaza on March 24, 2018.

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